I find that balance through my beloved spiritual practices, exercise, healthy food choices and mutual support groups including my now 20 year men’s group. Living life on life’s terms, just one day at a time has allowed me to move through whatever life offers with acceptance, respect and gratitude. I believe there soon will be even more innovative ways for credentialed professionals to help addicts, their families and also the children https://ecosoberhouse.com/ and loved ones affected by this disease. “For people who drink too much, the problem isn’t really about booze,” Farell explained, per Muse Treatment. “It’s about an inability to deal with life … What giving up booze does is allow you to look at yourself through an untainted mirror for the first time.” Farell has faced his fears, however, and you can too. Begin with a free call to an addiction & behavioral health treatment advisor.

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Arrogance has probably caused more alcoholics to fall off the wagon than denial. Sobriety forces you to confront whatever your alcoholism was hiding. I’ve taken these quotes from various pieces of my writing on various sobriety saying platforms. All of these quotes are Ed Latimore original statements from a combination of my social media platforms, my website, my newsletter, and my best-selling book “Sober Letters To My Drunken Self”.

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“You have to get your bearings and you have to stay stable. And balanced.” As of July 2021, the iconic actress and lifelong Hollywood veteran, Jamie Lee Curtis, had been sober for 22 years, she told E.T.

  • What you did in the past does not decide who you will be in the future.
  • She is a certified group fitness instructor in Denver, where she lives with her husband and their five children.
  • Nowhere is this more apparent than with alcohol consumption.
  • You can also find what is called a “daily reader,” a book of motivational excerpts, one that corresponds with every single day of the year.

The growing “Recovery Advocacy” movement is changing the stigma of addiction. There is a great deal of shame attached to addiction for the people who are in recovery as well as for family members. Talking about addiction openly and reaching out for support helps to lessen the stigma for all. Despite all the theories that say stress, peer pressure or other factors cause relapse, I believe that a person does not begin to recover till they have totally embraced/made up their mind to live a life in recovery. This entails many things such as going to meetings, changing “playgrounds and playmates” and daily working/incorporating the 12-Steps.

Inspiring Quotes About Sobriety From Your Favorite Celebs

Our personal experience contains a plethora of possibilities. “If I hadn’t finally taken the big step of asking for help 30 years ago, I’d be dead,” Elton John tweeted in 2020, perThe Walker Center. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the people who have inspired and supported me along the way.” In 2021, Barrymore told CNN that she was proud to be sober once again — this time, for two and a half years. “We continue to confront things with each decade of our life that almost surpasses what we thought we had seen,” she told CBS in an interview . If you liked this article on Addiction Quotes, please share at your favorite social media portals Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn with your friends and relatives. It can be hard to see any hope for the future when you’re in that dark place.

“Sober sober is the only way to be,” Lovato stated in an Instagram post on December 2, 2021, perUs Magazine. It’s been a hard-won truth for Lovato, but one worth repeating.

Sobriety Quotes: Comforting Words For Addiction Recovery

If you are a recovering addict, take a look at the following quotes below. Their uplifting messages might help keep you on your path to sobriety. In 2004, I attended a 26 day meditation retreat in Northern Thailand. I was suffering from withdrawals when I arrived, but I somehow managed to convince the monks to let me stay at the temple.

  • “Eventually, he couldn’t hide it from her any longer and he had to come clean.
  • Don’t let the regret and guilt from your past behavior burden your present.
  • These posts are free for you to share on your social media channels.
  • You’ll need a quick pick-me-up or reminder of why you’re doing this.
  • This entails many things such as going to meetings, changing “playgrounds and playmates” and daily working/incorporating the 12-Steps.
  • It doesn’t matter what you’re specifically afraid of, but you must acknowledge that you ARE afraid.

My demon was alcohol addiction, but anyone going through any type of addiction recovery can find inspiration and daily reminders in these recovery quotes. When dealing with highs and lows in sobriety, many turn to inspirational recovery quotes as a source of strength. These 10 inspirational quotes for recovering addicts may renew your motivation to stay drug and alcohol free. Murdock explains that FOMO often prevents people with a substance use disorder from seeking help in the first place or, in the case of someone newly sober, creates a sense of doubt about their choice to abstain. “Addiction causes people to see themselves as different, not fitting in, not being able to be like others, and a question in the form of a judgement can further test a sober person’s sensitivities or insecurities,” she notes.

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She went to rehab and resumed her career, but the journey has not been linear — with more stints in rehab, three divorces, and various hospitalizations punctuating her otherwise stellar career over the last near-five decades. Back in 1990, actor Rob Lowe, who had risen to fame during the big ’80s as a key member of the Brat Pack, was at rock bottom, and he knew it. “When Lowe made the decision to get sober back in 1990, the consequences of his addiction had nearly destroyed his career,” theAmerican Addiction Centersexplains.

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The We Level Up treatment center network delivers recovery programs that vary by each treatment facility. Reading quotes can provide you with a boost of inspiration and help prevent relapse after drug and alcohol treatment.

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It’s not alcohol abuse if you want nothing more out of life. To help you stay motivated on your road to recovery, we rounded up some inspirational quotes to remind you that you’re not alone in your struggles and that you’ve got this. There are many ways to get involved and to feel more empowered if you are a person in recovery or a family member.